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Argh, this is my last major entry of my blog, there will be one once I'm home (this time in a week!) to conclude, but get the last round up of my adventures while they are hot people! Also, my diary is packed in my bag and waiting for me at the bus station, so sorry if I miss anything important out, will just have to add it in later.
So last you heard from me we were sunning it up in Watamu. Well the day before we left I walked to where all the nice, crazy expensive houses are to visit one of my Chemistry classmates from school, who had just arrived and was renting a house there with his family for a few weeks. Was really good to see him, we haven't spoken since we left school, so sat on their roof drinking tea and eating cake! Ah the life huh?? Anyways back to reality (well the closest I can get to it anyway...), we hopped on a matatu to Malindi the very next day and were gonna do a round of the hotels to find a cheap one, but in the end just stayed at the first one we found, cos it was right next to the bus stop for Lamu, and cost us 325Sh each a night, which is less than 3 quid! So dumped our stuff and then set out to explore the town. Malindi is even more of an Italian tourist resort than Watamu, with ice cream parlours and pizzerias EVERYWHERE! Also, all the locals say ciao and bella at you as you walk pst, which kept making us laugh. Wandered along the main road, found a Barclays and had drama there, cos apparently the bank authorised my money withdrawal, even though I didn't get the money, so they nicely put it back for me, but it seemed that for a while I was gonna have lost 160 quid. Phew... Walked down the beach, it is much more beautiful than Watamu, a huge stretch, all you can see is sand for miles, also there is no seaweed, but you do get more assualted by touts, cos there are less tourists per square km!!
I had a really bad headache, actually had them a lot for the past few weeks, pretty much everyday, but I figure I'm just hot and dehydrated, if they don't go away when I'm back in Nairobi then I will start to worry I guess! On the Wednesday we decided to get pampered for the day, so got a temporary membership to a club, where we had towels brought to us by the pool, and just were looked after, so nice after staying in budget accom! Was lovely, we spent the day in the sun, the pool and drinking cocktails. Watched the football in a club that night and just people watched for hours, was so much fun cos there were some VERY interesting people there!!! haha...
Got a 9am bus to Lamu the next morning, so had to get up bright and early to pack. The bus journey itself was one of the worst I have been on, most of the 5 hour trip is on an awful bumpy road, dusty and I was int he sun, already with a terrible headache, so it wasn't great for, plus we gt a flat tyre so were stuck around for ages while they changed it. Lamu is an island right up North (they have a Navy Seals barracks on the next island to protect everyone from Somalia, but we aren't supposed to know that!!) and it is incredible, easily the best place I have been, we both loved it there. There is one vehicle, a tuk tuk for an ambulance, tonnes of donkeys, and 33 mosques! The whole place is really REALLY traditional, despite the fact that all the backpackers and tourists seem to go there, there are no big resort hotels or stuff like that. We met 3 other people on the bus (who we got on with really well, wish we could have travelled with them more really) and joined up to go to a hotel together, cos you kinda get attacked by touts as you get of the ferry at the jetty. The hotel we went to was right on the waterfront, our room was on the roof, and there was a terrace overlooking the water, with a baby monkey that was ADORABLE. Obv there for the tourists but the guy who looked after it really cares for it, so it is well looked ofter. One of the gilrs we met, Lindsey got very attached to it, and so did he, he would grab on to her and refuse to let go, his minder had to rescue her a few times!!
We had a tour of the island that evening, it's crazy that even on such a beaten track like the one up to Lamu, that it can be so unaffected by it all. It is one of the most muslim places in the world, apparently 2 trips there are the equivilant as one to Mecca! So obv there is hardly anywhere to buy alcohol! We managed to find the place that did though! It is a rooftop bar called Petley's Inn, we went there every night it was so much fun! The manager is a rasta guy called satan, who looks terrifying, but then you get to know him and realizes that he is lovely! Funny, very clever and so nice, we could see him with a wie and 3 kids who he goes home to every night!
Spent Saturday on a dhow, we went fishing, the captain caught a white snapper, which they cooked on the beach on Manda Island, the one opposite Lamu. YUMMY lunch, even if I couldn't stomach the fish itself, it still had eyes! Finished the day off on a floating bar, and were invited to a 21st that was gonna happen that night, but we passed, too much effort to get there! The boats are all hand built, takes years to finish them, and they have these HUGE sails, I kept freaking out a little cos I thought we were gonna capsize the whole time, Rocky was very supportive and laughed at me!
The rest of the time there we hung out on the beach, expect our last day when I couldn't go cos I was too burnt from the day before, so had to stay home and soothe my burns! 5 months in and I still haven't learnt... I did eat fish for the first time in ages, and actually enjoyed it! Was obv straight off the boat at 5pm that evening, so didn't taste of fish at all.
To get back to Mombasa on Tuesday, we had to get up at 5.20am so that we could be at the ferry for 6am, as our bus left at 7am. Personally I think that is a crual time to inflict on people, but we did see a wicked sunset over the water, which made it better. Cos it was morning and cool, the road didn;t seem as bad, so we enjoyed the trip back. Arrived at bout 3pm, and collapsed in our room.
We have since been bumming around Mombasa, yesterday we went to Nyali which is north of the main island, and went to a snake/cocodile farm, where there are 1000s of croc from tiny babies to one that is 100yrs old, and weighs 800pounds! It was HUGE! Apparently it has eaten 15 people over the years! I also went riding on the beach, loved it even thought here were loads of people there and I was on a thoroughbred which did not want to stop, so I was sure I was gonna kill someone...
Today we did shopping, presents and stuff like that, then this evening we are getting the overnight bus back to Nairobi so we can chill for our last weekend. Sorry if there are loads of spelling mistakes in this but it is really long and I just can't be bothered to check it!! Last Thursday in Kenya, keep saying it but hasn't really sunk in!
Love you all, and see you in the next few weeks. xxxxxx

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