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Back in Makongeni for a week

rain 23 °C

This week has gone so quickly! I guess it's because we have only done a day and half's worth of work, and that we aid goodbye to the 6-weekers on Wednesday. It's unbelieveable to think that I'm over halfway through this part of the trip, and that in 6 weeks Rocky will be here, and it will all be starting again! I am loving every single minute of this, I don't think I have ever felt so welcomed as I do in the village, I have my own special friend, who is called Mohammed and is 11, he always waits for me when I'm working, then comes over to chat. I do just want to put him in pocket and bring him home with me, what do you think Mum and Dad? Can I pull a Madonna?!
On Tuesday night, Jofri (our chef) cooked us a really nice meal, to say goodbye to the people leaving. It was so sweet but unfortunately a bbq just doesn't work when you only have a gas fueled stove to work with, so the baked potatoes were a little solid, and the chicken a little underdone, but I didn't get any food poisoning, so go Jofri!! (( N. B. He made up for it the next night though, we had the most AMAZING meal of mushroom soup to start, followed by chopati (dunno how you spell it) which is like really thick pancakes made of flour, kinda like tortillas I guess, with beef curry, the best dish we have had (gonna make them when I get home) and then passionfruit to finish... Yum!)) So then we had a few drinks at camp, got dressed up and hit Forty's. It was a great night, even if a few of us got chatted up by some hammered Brits, who kept offering to buy us drinks and feeling us up, just not leaving us alone. But that was soon forgotten when I had to look after most of the group, basically out of the 16 of us that went out, over the night and following morning, 10 of us were sick! Not me might I add! I was looking after people eho were passed out and throwing up, making sure everyone got home ok, and all that jazz. Thing is, none of us really drank that much, so maybe the interesting meal we had did have some effect after all! Everyone was suffering the next morning, I have no idea how the others got home with the hangovers that were goign around. We spent the whole day in Big Hut lying on the floor and eating junk food, great way to spend the day if you ask me! Most active point of the day was watching a rat fighting a snake, then laughing at the snake trying to eat the rat before it was killed by the guard.
We did some work on Thursday and Friday, deweeding the garden, when I get home Mum, I can help you down at the allotment! School had restarted while we were away, and the village has whole different atmosphere when they are there. We met the kids who are gonna look after the garden and explained what we had done and how it was gonna help them. I think the garden is great cos the difference from when we arrived is so obvious, I don't have a before photo, but you need to take my word that it was just a fenced off area, with nothing, and now it is planted, with a nursery and shaded areas for the plants to grow in. It really shows the work we do here off, and I've just gotta hope that I would be able to come back in a few years and see it really well developed... We also started the blackboard in the classroom, and we are gonna start putting the roof on as soon as the weather is a bit better. On Monday we start teaching, and I'm kinda worried that as I do it for a long period of time (a whole week) that I suck at it, and my whole future will go down the drain!!
We leave to go to Tsavo East NP on Friday, where I won't have any internet and very little phone access for a couple of weeks, so the blog will be abandoned for a while, guess you will all have to go wild with your imaginations. We have been told though that we are going through Mombassa to get there, and Rosie our guide promised that we can all get Burger King on the way!! I don't think we have been so excited about food the whole time we have been here! Even a chinese buffet and ice cream last night was as exciting!
Miss you all but there are more photos! Also there are some on facebook that people now at home have put up, I'm trying to tag myself in them so you can see them, the amazing one of me in my sexy poncho is up there!!
Love you lot and miss you!
Emma xxx

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