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First week of work...

semi-overcast 32 °C

So people, your favourite Banham is doing some actual manual labour! I have been cementing the walls of the new classroom we are finishing, (by the way, the term is grafting!) and tomorrow we start on the roof, which is going to be so hard, but awesome. When I get home I will be buff! Haha, maybe not. We got a bit distracted on Friday afternoon though, and it ended with a whole keg of water being poured on me, I was actually cool for the first time since we arrived!
Many things have happened this week, I played a football match against a load of 8 year olds, the girls lost 3-1, but they were impressed that we scored a goal! We have a rematch tomorrow evening so I will let you know how it goes. I also watch a football match, we went into the local town on Wednesday night and saw the Liverpool v. Chelsea game in a sports bar, it was like being at home, apart from the fact that it was still about 25 degrees!
Everyone here is really nice, there are 18 of us, 12 girls and 6 boys and there it not one person who I don't like. My closest friend is also called Emma, and she is a total legend, had a low night last night and she got me through it, but then the tables turned when she got a bit drunk and I had to make sure she got home at the end of the night, it was like being out with the girls and making sure people didn't die out in Chelters!
We saw a bush baby on Friday night, they are not as exciting as you think, we thought they would look like Furby's but they are more like orange lemurs with long tails, quite cute though! There were only a few of us in camp at the time, so we went on a bit of a bush baby hunt and had such a laugh!
I would like to make it clear that although I got burnt last week, I am slowly (very slowly) tanning and so when I come home none of you will recognise me! At the moment it is quite hard to see if we are tanning, cos we all look the same colour and are in the same boat. But it will be obvious when I get back and you are all pasty white!!!!!
Anyways got to go and make the most of the beach, only time I will be here till Saturday, and it is always so beautiful. Welcome home mum and dad, hope you had fun skiing and I will call you tomorrow so there will be more tears. I guess I should just stop calling the people I love the most, but that is just me!
Love you all lots and lots...
Emma xxxxxxxx

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First week in Kenya

36 °C

Jambo everyone!!
Well here I am in the land of Kenya, it is beautiful and entrancing, and everything I could have wanted when I planned it all. But Wow is it hot here... Its like 38 celcius, and we are just sat on the beach dying, how we are going to work I have no idea!! The embarrassment of sweat patches was quickly passed and we have now all become really good mates its great. There are 18 of us, and we are living in tents in a camp that is right in the middle of a little village, right next to the school. Our camp manager is called Duncan and he is great, just laughs all the time and is teaching us Swahili. We have learnt, thanks, see you later, ok and some others that I can't remember right now!
The flight was long and tiring, I didn't really sleep much on the 9 hour flight to Nairobi, but then crashed on the 1 hour flight to Mombassa, everyone said I was just out until the wheels hit the tarmac! We then a two hour bus journey to the camp in midday heat, and it was a serious shock to the system, heat like nothing I have experienced before.
We get driven around in this cattle truck like thing, that has has seats put in, so we stand out so much when on the road. Its always a guess which side to sit on, so that your not in the sun, it's a new game we are playing!
When we went to the school yesterday, we found out some of our projets here, and they are so exciting. We are putting the roof on a new classroom, finishing off the garden, and making some new desks, and well as teaching! It sounds amazing, but will be hard work, especially in this heat. We saw monkeys yesterday, and at night we are kept awake by Bushbabies crying outside or camp, we want to catch one and keep it as a pet!
I miss you all so much, and hope you are all ok, let me know what is happening at home, and I will try to keep the posts as regular as possible, we only get weekends off to come into town, so there will be weekly gaps! Sorry, I'm not as good as Rach with her personal laptop in her room!! (love you really) but they will be detailed when they do come I promise.
So much love from Africa...
Speak soon.
Emma xxxxx

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Last Day at Home...

Wow, so in 8 hours time, I will be sat on a plane above England, how scary is that?! I still have loads of things to do and very little time to do them, so it is all starting to get a bit stressed, but I packed my rucksack and it all fits still, so that is a good start I guess!
I just wanted to say that although I'm gonna miss you all so much, 5 months isn't that long and soon I will be back! So please please keep me up to date with how life is at home, cos it will drive me crazy if things happen and I don't know about it, that is me! God, I'm crying already, how bad is it going to be at the airport when I say bye to my mum! Lets think, since last night I have cried twice already, (you know who you are people, feel the love!!)
There will be lots of photos, so you can follow me in kenya, and hopefully watch me get a tan, fingers crossed!
Lots and lots of Love
Speak soon
Emma xxxxxxxx

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