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Last few weeks in the magic land

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Argh, this is my last major entry of my blog, there will be one once I'm home (this time in a week!) to conclude, but get the last round up of my adventures while they are hot people! Also, my diary is packed in my bag and waiting for me at the bus station, so sorry if I miss anything important out, will just have to add it in later.
So last you heard from me we were sunning it up in Watamu. Well the day before we left I walked to where all the nice, crazy expensive houses are to visit one of my Chemistry classmates from school, who had just arrived and was renting a house there with his family for a few weeks. Was really good to see him, we haven't spoken since we left school, so sat on their roof drinking tea and eating cake! Ah the life huh?? Anyways back to reality (well the closest I can get to it anyway...), we hopped on a matatu to Malindi the very next day and were gonna do a round of the hotels to find a cheap one, but in the end just stayed at the first one we found, cos it was right next to the bus stop for Lamu, and cost us 325Sh each a night, which is less than 3 quid! So dumped our stuff and then set out to explore the town. Malindi is even more of an Italian tourist resort than Watamu, with ice cream parlours and pizzerias EVERYWHERE! Also, all the locals say ciao and bella at you as you walk pst, which kept making us laugh. Wandered along the main road, found a Barclays and had drama there, cos apparently the bank authorised my money withdrawal, even though I didn't get the money, so they nicely put it back for me, but it seemed that for a while I was gonna have lost 160 quid. Phew... Walked down the beach, it is much more beautiful than Watamu, a huge stretch, all you can see is sand for miles, also there is no seaweed, but you do get more assualted by touts, cos there are less tourists per square km!!
I had a really bad headache, actually had them a lot for the past few weeks, pretty much everyday, but I figure I'm just hot and dehydrated, if they don't go away when I'm back in Nairobi then I will start to worry I guess! On the Wednesday we decided to get pampered for the day, so got a temporary membership to a club, where we had towels brought to us by the pool, and just were looked after, so nice after staying in budget accom! Was lovely, we spent the day in the sun, the pool and drinking cocktails. Watched the football in a club that night and just people watched for hours, was so much fun cos there were some VERY interesting people there!!! haha...
Got a 9am bus to Lamu the next morning, so had to get up bright and early to pack. The bus journey itself was one of the worst I have been on, most of the 5 hour trip is on an awful bumpy road, dusty and I was int he sun, already with a terrible headache, so it wasn't great for, plus we gt a flat tyre so were stuck around for ages while they changed it. Lamu is an island right up North (they have a Navy Seals barracks on the next island to protect everyone from Somalia, but we aren't supposed to know that!!) and it is incredible, easily the best place I have been, we both loved it there. There is one vehicle, a tuk tuk for an ambulance, tonnes of donkeys, and 33 mosques! The whole place is really REALLY traditional, despite the fact that all the backpackers and tourists seem to go there, there are no big resort hotels or stuff like that. We met 3 other people on the bus (who we got on with really well, wish we could have travelled with them more really) and joined up to go to a hotel together, cos you kinda get attacked by touts as you get of the ferry at the jetty. The hotel we went to was right on the waterfront, our room was on the roof, and there was a terrace overlooking the water, with a baby monkey that was ADORABLE. Obv there for the tourists but the guy who looked after it really cares for it, so it is well looked ofter. One of the gilrs we met, Lindsey got very attached to it, and so did he, he would grab on to her and refuse to let go, his minder had to rescue her a few times!!
We had a tour of the island that evening, it's crazy that even on such a beaten track like the one up to Lamu, that it can be so unaffected by it all. It is one of the most muslim places in the world, apparently 2 trips there are the equivilant as one to Mecca! So obv there is hardly anywhere to buy alcohol! We managed to find the place that did though! It is a rooftop bar called Petley's Inn, we went there every night it was so much fun! The manager is a rasta guy called satan, who looks terrifying, but then you get to know him and realizes that he is lovely! Funny, very clever and so nice, we could see him with a wie and 3 kids who he goes home to every night!
Spent Saturday on a dhow, we went fishing, the captain caught a white snapper, which they cooked on the beach on Manda Island, the one opposite Lamu. YUMMY lunch, even if I couldn't stomach the fish itself, it still had eyes! Finished the day off on a floating bar, and were invited to a 21st that was gonna happen that night, but we passed, too much effort to get there! The boats are all hand built, takes years to finish them, and they have these HUGE sails, I kept freaking out a little cos I thought we were gonna capsize the whole time, Rocky was very supportive and laughed at me!
The rest of the time there we hung out on the beach, expect our last day when I couldn't go cos I was too burnt from the day before, so had to stay home and soothe my burns! 5 months in and I still haven't learnt... I did eat fish for the first time in ages, and actually enjoyed it! Was obv straight off the boat at 5pm that evening, so didn't taste of fish at all.
To get back to Mombasa on Tuesday, we had to get up at 5.20am so that we could be at the ferry for 6am, as our bus left at 7am. Personally I think that is a crual time to inflict on people, but we did see a wicked sunset over the water, which made it better. Cos it was morning and cool, the road didn;t seem as bad, so we enjoyed the trip back. Arrived at bout 3pm, and collapsed in our room.
We have since been bumming around Mombasa, yesterday we went to Nyali which is north of the main island, and went to a snake/cocodile farm, where there are 1000s of croc from tiny babies to one that is 100yrs old, and weighs 800pounds! It was HUGE! Apparently it has eaten 15 people over the years! I also went riding on the beach, loved it even thought here were loads of people there and I was on a thoroughbred which did not want to stop, so I was sure I was gonna kill someone...
Today we did shopping, presents and stuff like that, then this evening we are getting the overnight bus back to Nairobi so we can chill for our last weekend. Sorry if there are loads of spelling mistakes in this but it is really long and I just can't be bothered to check it!! Last Thursday in Kenya, keep saying it but hasn't really sunk in!
Love you all, and see you in the next few weeks. xxxxxx

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Train, Mombasa and then golden, gorgeous beaches...

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Hello one and all! As people keep saying to me, Karibu Kenya (welcome to Kenya) and I have to keep telling them that I have been here for almost 5 months! Kinda effective way of making the beach boys leave me alone...
Well since Uganda we have done a fair amount in a week, first was a weekend of watching the ashes on the sofa, eating toasted sandwiches, which was glorious after the action- filled Uganda. Kinda rubbish though cos there was a bit of rain this match, although we did see Friday, as knackered as we were, and I am so jealous that Dad managed to get a posh box there and on that day, what a way to see the first hat-trick ball in a decade huh?!?! I was so happy (Rocky was not, but this test he is VERY happy!).
On Monday we caught the evening train to Mombasa from Nairobi, had to go in about 7 hours early to get our tickets, so dumped our bags there and had our first proper exploration of the capital. Bit of drama first cos I left the mobile in the taxi, so had to borrow a local security guard's phone, buy some credit for it, ring Nick to get the taxi driver's number, call him, get called back to say that yes the phone WAS in his car, then pay him to drive back in and bring it to me. And all of this was before 2pm! After lunch (one of the girls haha...) we walked around the main block of Nairobi, where we saw the President's office, Parliament, the courts, and the council, all the huge and wierdly shaped buildings, and we also had a nosey at some event which was taking place, not realizing this was actually quite a big deal and that Hilary Clinton would be there the next day- oops! Were pretty tired by the time we got back to the station at 6, until we saw the train that is. Both the train and the station are very 1920s, no electronic boards or overhead announcements, really old-fashioned you know? The train is kinda like the Hogwart's express, except a little more rundown! We were in a first class cabin, which was 2 beds, one above the other, and the bottom one doubles up at seats, with a cupboard, washbasin and mirror as well (the rooms are pretty small, Rocky and I had to dance round each other in the morning!). In first class you get breakfast and dinner included, so we settled down for a 3 course meal, it was late though so this wasn't till about 10pm. But we were sat in the middle of a group of 15 Irish medic students who had just finished volunteering in hospitals in Uganda, and had been drinking since they got on the train! Ended up playing ring of fire with them and drinking until about 3 in the morning, then stumbled back to our cabin (the lights didn't work in our carriage!) and went to bed. Only slept 3 hours though cos the first setting for breakfast was belled at 6.45 in the morning, always a nice way to wake up! But it didn't matter cos we were in Mombasa, my favourite place!!
Over the next 2 days we explored Fort Jesus, got lost in Old Town, made friends with some store sellers who are gonna sell me loads of stuff cheap when I get back, saw the big Tusks, and had lots of yummy ice cream- yes I took Rocky to THAT ice cream parlour and guess what? He loved it too!!! After those 2 days we caught a bus to Watamu, and have been here since, just chilling on the beach, going bike riding to see some old swahili ruins at Gede, and today we went snorkling, I SAW DORIE (from Finding Nemo!) there were some amazing fish there, huge ones and tiny ones as well! Now we are being good and getting back online to say hello, then Rocky disappears to watch the footie while I write my diary... Tomorrow we are spending another day chilling, and then on Tues we are gonna hit malindi for a few days, then go to Lamu, as the last place on our tour.
It is crazy that we are flying home in 17 days, but man am I excited as well, just discovered that I am back in time for the Devizes 6-a-side, whoop!! Might have to drag Rocky down with me to experience it! Or maybe not... Love you all, there will only be a few of these left, maybe only one. BOO I hear you all say, I know, I'm sad that our time together is coming to an end too. But we can all get through it! xxxxxx

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Hello, hello, hello! How are you all? Today I am very tired, Rocky and I got on a bus at 4pm yesterday from Kampala in Uganda, and arrived at 6am this morning in Nairobi, Kenya. Nice and long, we didn't slep much, me more than him, and seing as it was 35 degres when we got on the bus, we wore t-shirts, so at 4am it was a bit chilly!! Rocky eventually grabbed his sleeping bag out of his rucksack and we curled up under that! But it was a great experience, and I'm glad we did it.
What else has been happening in my life?? Well I have spent a week and a half in Uganda, after the drama in Kisumu with my VISA. Urgh that was annoying! We left Karen on Friday lunchtime, planned on spending a night in Kisumu on Lake Victoria before catching a bus to Kampala the next day. But we thought we would try to get our Ugandan VISAs before we got to the border, so went to the immigration office. Lucky that we did, cos I found out that my 60 quid visa I bought at home that would last me a year doesn't. It only lasts 3 months at a time, then I have to register as an alien. NO ONE TOLD ME THIS!! So it expired at the end of June, and we couldn't get it extended till Monday cos the office was all locked up. So the two of us spent the weekend stuck in what is supposedly the 3rd largest city in Kenya, but it is tiny! Wasn't too bad, we just really wanted to get to Uganda.
In Uganda we spent 2 nights in the city, at a backpackers place called Red Chilli Hideaway, which is where everyone goes, it was ok but we weren't massive fans. Then on the Wednesday we went white water rafting on the source of the River Nile. I did grade 5 rapids and was terrified!! It all passed in a bit of a blur, our guide was called Paulo and was really nice, he made it way more fun. Flipped once and kinda panicked but not oo badly. But oh my god, some of those rapids are scary! The biggest one is called silverback cos when you are at the top of it all you can se it white water, and the whole nile gets pushed through a 20m gap cos of a dam they built, so it is a bit crazy to say the least! We had such a great day and so decided to do it again the next monday on the day with left with a guy we met at the campsite who also wanted to do it again.
The Nile River Explorer's campsite at Jinja (where the rafting and all the next stuff happened!) was awesome, we had so much fun there, it was one of the best places I have stayed in so far. There are quite a lot of overland groups, but also loads of independent travellers so we weren't isloated at all. The view was incredible, looking out over the nile and you could go swimming in some of the smaller rapids as well, Rocky kept doing even though he hurt himself everytime!! While we were there I also went riding, loved it but forgot you can get burnt even when it is not sunny, so I was soooo red! Also went on a motorbike for the first time in my lfie.. And the two of us went for a 2 hour quad biking trip through some of the local villages, had loads of fun. We stayed there for 5 nights, and just chilled out in the bar when we weren't doing activities. Such an amazing week, spent a fortune but we knew we would!
We decided to go to Murchinson Falls with Ashraf (the guy we went rafting with, a really nice, Canadian teacher) but on our own and not with a tour, saved a bunch of money there, cos we rocked up on a bus into Masindi (after walking for miles in the heat to find the bus station) which is like 2 and a half hours away from the falls themselves and stayed in a really nice hotel, didn't expect it when you walk through the rubble strewn reception!! But they are renovating it all and it was lovely and cheap as well. Then called a tour company cos the park is really hard to get to without your own transport, the guy turned up at the bar we were sat at and had a drink with us! Arranged a day trip for Wednesday where he drove us to the park, we chilled out and had lunch there, then took a 2 hour boat trip up the nile, saw crocs (HUGE!), hippos, ellies and loads of buffalo, and to finish the day off walked to the top of the waterfall. Glad we did that in the late afternoon, it is really hot there and at 6 it was still 31 degres! So we were all so sweaty, it wasn't a hard walk, just seriously hot. But so worth it cos the falls were amazing! They are some of the most piwerful waterfalls in the world, the Nile gets pushed through a 6m get and drops 45m to the bottom. It was great to look at and we got some nice posed photos of us all, sweaty and everything!
And that is all the news my friends, family and anyone else who is reading this. I bought the DVD of us rafting the second time, it was WAY better, we flipped 3 times, and cos I knew what was coming I enjoyed it so much more, actually wave at the camera! So those at home can se it when I get back. Can you actually believe we have less than 4 weeks left here?! How have I already spent 4 months in Africa, it has one so quick, I don't want to come back (but really, really do at the same time!!!!).
We are getting the train to Mombasa on Monday night, the coast is the last part of our trip, save the sun till the end then I can come back brown right?! well gotta run, we are geting some food, then chilling out and sleping in front of the ashes all day, sounds like heaven to me!
Love you all lots and lots, miss you.. xxxxxxxxxxxxx

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6 day safari

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Oh my god how gutting! I had just written a HUGE blog about everything we have done over the past week and it all just deleted!!!! So lets start again shall we? Sorry that it won't be quite as good, long or detailed but maybe that is what you all want!
We went to stay with some of Nick and Nina's friends in lake Naivasha before our safari which was so nice, I got stuck in the mud during a walk on the lake side, and lost one of my brand new flip flops! So annoyed but if anyone ever finds it think of me!!! We also went to Hell's Gate NP, where they did sketches for the Lion King, so you can imagine just how beautiful it is, and we did a really cool gorge walk, where the water flows out of the volcano, and in some places it is ice cold, while in others you burn your fingers, it was wierd! But then the drama started. We got stuck, while driving out. We tried going up a really sandy, steep bit and couldn't, so reversed back down and ended up in a ditch on the side of the track where the water runs. There were wheels spinning and I thought we had broken the car (which isn't ours!) So we called for help and then waited an hour for this 4x4 to turn up with a piece of wire to attach to us. It was so stressful, they couldn't get it out for ages, then it came out without a scratch, I was so relieved! But the track was aweful, and our 4x4 just couldn't do parts of it, so we had to be helped up a lot. After abot 2 hours we were fully safe, and I have never been so worried in my life, I thought we had written it off, or damaged it really badly or something, but it is absolutely fine! Funny moment was that Rocky was wandering around int he hottest part of the day without a shirt on and no suncream, so got really burnt and we all laughed at him!!!
The very next morning we set off on our 6 day safari to the Rift Valley lakes and the Masai Mara. The first lake was a 6 hour drive away and we had lunch on the side of the road on the way, at the equator, so I can tick that off my list! Did the usual photos and got harassed by shop owners, it was like being back in Diani!! We got to the campsite at Lake Baringo, our first stop, pitched tents, and then went on an afternoon boat ride on the lake. We saw hippos and crocodiles and got the coolest photo of an eagle snatching a fish off the surface of the lake. We couldn't leave our tents after dark cos the hippos wander around at night, and we were about 50m from the lake edge!!
The second day was easily the best, we went to Lake Bogoria in the morning, where we saw our first flamingos, and also the hot springs which the lake is famous for. It was a really cool place, the springs are so hot, and supposedly the steam is good for you, so while we were there, a whole load of Kenyans turned up got topless and stood in the steam, so obv Rocky joined in!! It's weird cs the steam is really really hot, but then you get a cold breeze from the hills to cool you down again. We got a flat tyre at the Lake, and then on the way to the Nakuru campsite we were staying at, we stopped on the side of the road, and they put water in the engine, which i sunder the front seats. Cos you don't put water in a hot engine, it all went mental, spray and steam all over the inside of the van, soakin gall our stuff and generally not a success!!! But the afternoon made up for it, cos we went to Lake Nakuru NP, which was my favourite place that I have been to so far. There were thousands of flamingos, and you could walk right up to the water's edge to see them. We also aw black and white rhino, which I hadn't seen before, and we were taken up to the viewpoint, which is just breathtaking. You can see the whole lake and all the flamingos, I could have stood there for hours. Our van was also attacked by the baboons up there so we were stuck for a while but Rocky was loving it!! We went pretty much straight to bed when we got back cos it was FREEZING. Coldest night so far in Kenya.
The next day we met up with 10 other people for the Masai Mara part of the safari, and were put in a big truck thing, with windows, not as good as the van but still cool! We had a mini game drive through to our camp and saw 8 lion, plus a really little baby giraffe, so cute! So that was a good start. We did a full day game drive the following day, which was wierdly exhausting. Left camp at 7.45 and didn't get back till 6.45 that evening. But was saw: ellies (incl some reallty little babies!), dik dik, impala, both types of gazelle, 4 cheetah, plus their kill being ripped to pieces by vultures! Wilderbeast, crocs, eland, zebra, topi, warthog, hyena, giraffe, hippo, buffalo and a lion. So all pretty good really! There was a camp fire waiting for us when we got bak as well, and I was shattered.
Just to help the tiredness, we were up at 5.45 the next morning for an early morning game drive, but oh was it worth it! We found a mother and son cheetah who started fighting and playing around and under our truck, it was so cool. Then they tried to hunt, which the tourists don't really get to see, so we were all really happy even though they failed! We also saw a lioness eating her kill, a lone black rhino and then another with a baby, cool cos they are really rare in the Mara, and 5 more lions. We came back to camp after that for brunch and so that people could go to a Masai village. Rocky went but I slept and sunbathed cos I have done the whole Masai thing before! He had a really good time and got some cool dancing photos like mine. We slpet after lunch then went on another game drive where the leopard hunting began! I was desperate to see one cos it is the only thing I haven't seen. We spent ages looking for one and eventually found it!!!! I couldn't get a photo in time but I saw it, Rocky didn't which was a bummer but I was so happy! We saw another 10 lions and some ellies on the way back to camp, but we think some of the lions were the same ones as earlier. We had another camp fire in the evening, and got attacked by termites which had infested the sink area and bit us so many times!
Our last day on safari ended with another little game drive as we left the park. Saw some jackals, 3 more lion, a baby giraffe, and a load of the smaller game, then we were out of the gate. Ah sad. It was nice to get back to Karen though, we bought some supplies and then crashed in front of the ashes!! Wish I hadn't after watching both Ponting and Katich get centuries. Bummer. Both fell asleep really early, but then were both awake at 7, the next morning!
Our activites don't end there however! The very next day we set off to go back to Lake Naivasha to house-sit for another of Nick and Nina's friends. Her house is amazing, there are giraffes just wandering around her garden! We spent the weekend being lazy and watching DVDs, but we did climb a mountain. That is 2 I have climbed now, what is going on?! It was only an hour's climb and it is a volcano, so when you reach the top you are suddenly looking down on this massive crater, plus the views over Lake Naivasha were awesome. We had our breakfast, then Rocky said he was gonna go for a wander around the ridge (you can walk the whole way around the crater edge) so I thought he would be gone for maybe 20 mins. Nope, and hour and half he was gone! I thought he was dead or something, but he had walked to the top peak about halfway round, then come back. Again he had been shirtless and no suncream so guess what?? More burning to laugh at! Otherwise is was a pretty uneventful weekend, I broke my iPod which sucks but oh well. ( Don't go mad Mum).
Well that is it everyone. We are now planning our trip to Uganda and are probably leaving on Friday at about 11 ish. Will be there for maybe 1 or 2 weeks, then come back to Nairobi (yes that is Nairobi not Karen!) via Western Kenya, lake Victoria and all that, and then go to the coast to finish the trip. I only have 6 weeks left of my gap year, that is kinda scary that it has gone so quickly. I am having such an amazing time and I still miss you all loads but I wouldn't change this for the world.
Lots of love xxxxxxx

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Karen- utter heaven!

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Hello everyone! Sorry it's been a while since my last post, but to be honest I haven't really done much to justify writing one!
Since I left Watamu (which was lovely if a bit of a disaster) I met up with Emily at Malindi and we had a lovely bumpy journey back to Mombasa, enjoying the view an munching on samosas that were supposedly filled with potato, not that we could find any!! We were planning on going back to camp that evening to save money, but discovered that there was no one there, so had to spend a night in Mombasa. It was much nicer being there the second time, cos we knew where we were, so headed straight out for tea and cakes in a nearby cafe, reading our books (we got some very strange looks!). We then went for ice cream at this AMAZING ice cream place we discovered on our first trip there. Our friend Georgie was staying in a lodge just down the road from us, so we met her for supper and chatted for hours about our travelling over curry and chips. To end the night we took her to this ice cream place- yes Emily and I did go twice in one day, but if you have tried it you would understand! I will take Rocky there when we arrive in Mombasa!- and then hit the hay after a tiring day's travelling and eating...
The journey going from Mombasa back to camp was hot and sticky, it was a boiling day and we had to lug our huge backpacks around on the ferry (I didn't look over the edge!) and then sat on a matatu for ages waiting for it to fill up. We thought it would take us straight to the turning to our village but no, even though it said it would on the side! So we got dumped in Ukunda and shoved into a seriously cramped matatu headed in our direction, we had our bags on our laps and people everywhere... Eventually we got back to camp and were the first people back, even beating half the staff!!! Everyone got back the next day so we got to chill.
It was so nice seeing everyone again and hearing all the stories, I got really excited cos they all did stuff I'm gonna be doing over the next 2 months with Rocky and now can't wait! We had a big night out on the Saturday, were all nicely hungover on the sunday so spent the day comatose on the beach again. But we were all in great spirits in the evening when Jofri, the camp chef, did a really nice BBQ as our leaving dinner. There were burgers and chicken and fish and potatoes, it was so nice, all properly bbq-ed as well. Was so lovely, but also kinda sad cos it kinda hit me that the 3 months was almost over and everyone was going home...
So on Tuesday everone left, I flew with them to Nairobi and then said bye to them at the airport where I was picked up by my godfather. Was sad but also kinda wierd, gave Emily a HUGE hug, gonna miss her loads. If you're reading this Em, I MISS YOU WIFEY!!! My godfather lives in a suburb of Nairobi called Karen, which is quite rich and full of expats from the UK etc. It is a lovely bungalow in huge grounds, it's protected or something so they have a massive forest surounding them. It's not a massive house but I already love it. Nick and his wife Nina have 2 kids, 11 year old twins called Tabitha and Luke, who I adore!! They also have 2 dogs, 2 cats, 3 horses and a parrot! It's the kinda place where there is always chaos, just like in Beechingstoke so I feel right at home. Today for example they had a chimney fire while Rocky and I were out, so everyone was on the roof with buckets of water! It's heaven being here after 3 months of cold showers and repetitive food. There are hot showers, and staff to look after us the whole time. Took some serious getting used to but I'm getting there.
Have spent the rest of the week not doing much really. I picked Rocky up at the airport on Friday night, he took forever to get through VISAs but suddenly appeared. I had been waiting for ages bu this point and had a rush of nerves that he decided not to come, so was so nice to see him! Haha... I have been laughing at him cos I am freezing here in Nairobi, it is much colder that at the coast, so I have been living in jeans, but he is still getting used to Kenya, so is always really hot. He also sleeps a lot, had to set an alarm today so that he would get up cos we decided to actually leave the house, but he is asleep now I think, typical! I have been going with Nick in the morning while he does his errands around the edge of Nairobi so I have been in a huge market that sells some really nice stuff very cheap. I have already decided that I am gonna get rid of everything in my bag before I come home and stock up on all star shoes, really nice dresses (joules, joe browns, topshop- you name it , they have it), bags and so much other stuff, we can bring home 2 bags each so customs might be a problem!!!! Also went to massive fruit and veg market, where you can buy almost everything imaginable, like butternut squash and sweet potato (Mum it made me REALLY want your soup!), was crazy and bustling but Nick knew everyone and they all greeted him like an old friend. Know my way around the edge of Nairobi pretty well now, been to the big shopping centres, even if just for 5 mins, so it's all really cool and I'm loving it!
What else have we been up to?? Hmm... oh I was part of a dinner party on Wednesday night, which was a shock to the system but it was great fun, much like one of the dinner parties Mum and Dad have at home. I have played a fair amount of cricket in the garden and loved getting back into my stride! Then today Rocky and I decided we HAD to get out of the house (he has left it twice since he has arrived I think!) so we borrowed the car- it's awesome, Rocky is insured for it so they have said we can use it when we want- and drove to the Karen Blixen museum. We paid a small fortune to get in (800Ksh- about £8) for a tiny house and some gardens, really wasn't worth the money or effort getting there. Then we used my incredible ap reading skills to go the giraffe sanctuary, which was far more successful! The giraffes are sooooo cute, we fed them and took the standard tourist photos. Rocky got really excited about a warthog which made me laugh cos I have seen so many of them in the bush that I forgot he has seen nothing.
Now we are just making plans for our travelling on from here. It's all a bit crazy cos we have been talking to Nick and Nina. They have a lot of friends in a place called Naivasha where we really want to go, so they have organised for us that we dirve their car to oe of their friends houses at the end of next week and stay there as long as we like, cos the lady is in Nairobi for a couple of weeks. It's all got totally surreal and I kinda feel we are cheating this whole backpacker lifestyle, but at the same time it would save us a load of money that we could spend in Uganda. So we have a week to fill and are about to book a 6 day overland tour of the Masai Mara and some of the other lakes int he rift valley which will be really good fun, but doesn't leave till Saturday, so we might have to kill some more time in Karen.
Whoa, just realized how long this blog is, sorry everyone if you even made it this far! Won't do any messages home except to say HI RACH! Miss you very much, 5 months is a long time already, 7 months is fecking CRAZY! LOVE YOU....
Ok, hopefully next time I fill you all in, I will have some more interesting stuff to talk about cos I will either be somewhere or will have just got back from the 6 day trip thing.
Love and miss you all
Emma xxxxx

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